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About Us

Daniel Boss

I’m astonished at how many small/medium sized businesses get marketing and lead-generation so badly wrong!

Many are led down a stray path towards a ‘magic fix’ promised by vanilla agencies and ‘experts’ who do everything other than achieving you results!

Not to mention of course, the ubiquitous smokescreen of ‘followers’, ‘likes’, ‘clicks’, and ‘views’ – lots of ‘activity’ but with no actual new customers/clients to show for your efforts.

It was in the 2000s that I first became passionate about marketing and lead generation. I led the business growth strategy for a telecoms business which we grew from zero to £26m in a 6 year timeframe, earning ourselves a place as the 4th fastest growing tech business in the UK (Times Tech Track).

Today, I love to help ambitious companies grow exponentially by focussing on what really works.

Mike Giles

I have a particular aversion to the terms ‘awareness marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’ which seem to the predilection of an ever growing swathe of modern day marketers in the absence of any meaningful results.

My passion is in helping organisations build simple, but exceptionally effective lead generation machines which actually work, month after month after month.

My philosophy is not ‘build it and they will come’ but ‘build it and go out and get them!’ When you can identify every single prospect in your entire market and reach out to each person – individually – hyper-personalising your message in a way which is designed to wow your prospect as well as persuade them, you have at your disposal a strategy which will enable you to dominate your market.

For my first foray into marketing I built the sales and marketing strategy for the UK’s fastest growing franchise ever. We made it to the number 3 spot in the Times Tech Track. Our success came from mastering a single route to market. Since then I have helped companies build sales and marketing strategies adding millions or even tens of millions to their bottom line.